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Lwanele is a 1-year-old boy born on 1 June 2017, with multiple birth defects leading to 4 major operations in the first 12 months of his life, the first one within the very first 24 hours of birth.

Lwanele was born at 32 weeks, weighing 1.6kg with the following birth defects:

* Imperforate anus (no anus)
* Encephalocele (Malformation of the skull, leading to leaking out of brain fluids)
* Hydrocephalus (Water on the brain)
* Tracheo-Bronchomalacia & Laryngomalacia (Flaccid windpipe)
* Tracheo-Eusophogal fistula (abnormal connection between trachea and esophagus).

He stayed his first 51 days in the Neonatal ICU, during which he had 2 operations, one when he was 24 hours old, to fix the eusophogal fistula, and to connect his oesophagus to his stomach. At 6 days old, he had another operation to do a colostomy, a channel for stools out of his body since he had no anus. He had another operation when he was 5 months old, to create an anal opening for him (PSARP). On the 28th of March, he had a CAT scan and a bronchoscopy and it was discovered that his right lung had totally collapsed and the left lower lobe was also collapsed. The plan is to get an oxygen machine which he will go home on, and the doctor is sending a motivation letter to the medical aid to apply for funds, fingers crossed they approve this.

Due to Lwanele’s neurological problems and him lying in bed continuously for over 2 months now, (82 days to be precise, as at 11 June 2018) his body has weakened a lot and his core and back muscles are very weak, which needs him to get aggressive and frequent neuro physio and occupational therapy. The therapists are also applying to the medical aid for a standing frame, to help strengthen Lwanele’s muscles. Lwanele has severe hypotonia, hypertonia and cerebral palsy. His motor skills and mobility has been greatly affected. The standing frame would assist him in getting used to being in a standing position and strengthening his muscles so he can be able to hold his head.

We have been strained emotionally, having to watch our tiny baby go through so much trauma of multiple operations and constant pain, also financially due to the daily hospital trips as well as the bills we still have to settle, due to the medical aid shortfalls since he’s been in the hospital continuously since 21 March 2018.

It has been overwhelming but we believe God has a purpose for Lwanele’s life.
This is our plea for financial assistance to give this little boy a chance at life.

Your contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance for your support.

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