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Lani (the lady in the picture) is pursuing her passion for higher education. She has managed to start a few years back in getting an education in microbiology, she finished her first year. She was also employed in the Navy as a gate guard in protection serves. Amazing as she was, she worked 24hours, with no sleep, and still managed to go to class the next day. In the protection serves you work 24hours and then two days off. But after a year they changed the working hours, and she was unable to continue with day to day classes. She tried fighting for the off days by moving to a different unit with flexible hours, but no one important had any time for her and kept walking all over her.

She had to drop out of college because having a monthly income is more important. Two years later she has decided to terminate her service in the Navy to pursue her higher education in what she loves. Support from family can only take you so far without taking food off the table. If anyone out there wishes to help this loving lady reach her goal, I would be greatly thankful.

Thanking you in advance for your contributions.

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