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I’m actually starting this for my mother in law. I never met anyone that has such a good heart and has the faith in God like she has since the day I met her.

Her whole life revolves around her faith and how she can help less fortunate people. She’s a single lady with a heart of gold and every single cent she can spare goes towards helping others. I would love to be able to set this page up so that I can show her just how many people is out there that will help her in her mission to make not her but other people’s lives just a little bit easier.

She lives off a pension herself and even with that money she still buy’s food to give to people in need and that’s not all she collects clothing, toy’s, everything other people don’t want and donate it to less fortunate people. She’s really a gift to humanity.

There isn’t really a financial goal and deadline but the site requires it so, just added a random amount and date if there’s one thing in this life I can promise you it is that every cent donated will go to people in need. I know my mother in law and can bet my life on it. Go and visit her Facebook page and verify for yourself

Thank you in advance.

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